Fajr Center for Arabic Language - How to get there

In three days, on the 26th of December, the Intensive Winter Program starts at the Fajr Center for the Arabic Language in Medinet Nasr (Nasser City) in Cairo (fajr.com). For me this is my second Intensive Winter Program at Fajr. Two years ago I studied there too, at a lower level. In a small series of blogs I will provide some information for future students, because, although their teaching of the language is good, a lot of other things aren't quite professional. In the evaluation form after the previous course I mentioned several points and none of these seem to have changed.

I'm studying in the Nasser City branch, so all information on this page refers to that branch.

How to reach them
They have an e-mail address on their website, but they rarely respond to any mail. Calling them is the better option. I only got someone on the phone if I called the second phone number.

How to get there
The route to Fajr on their site is confusing, outdated and wrong at the moment. Getting there with a taxi, using the information they provide, is almost impossible. They mention a Pizza Hut nearby. Two years ago there were at least two Pizza Huts along Mostafa el Nashas Street, one near Fajr and one about two or three kilometers before, so I ended up at the wrong place at first. The one Fajr refers to doesn't exist anymore. Coming from the city center (and I guess also from the airport) on Mostafa el Nashas ('nagas' with the 'g' pronounced somewhere between a 'g' and a 'k' in Egyptian Arabic) Street, make sure you pass Manhal School at your right hand side. After the Total petrol station you pass a T-junction. After the El Tawheed & El Nour store (*) (lots of furniture on pavement) you go right. At the opposite corner there's the location of the former Pizza Hut. At the end of the street turn right and immediatly left. The first building at right hand side has a plaque with 'Fajr Center for Arabic Language' on it.

(*) There are at least two El Tawheed & El Nour stores in Medinet Nasr, so be careful mentioning it to a taxidriver. You may end up at the store near Serag Mall.

Placemarks on Google maps tend to drift, but maybe this map is helpful: